Jewel on the West Coast


Klein vanel - 26 Nov. 08 siblingsvisit1 parentbringslunch outofnest2 outofnest1 mouselunch3 lizardlunch2 lookout mouselunch1 mouselunch2 lizardlunch1 Ons is so bly om mekaar te sien -26 Nov. 08    V. eLL - REGS

2 Responses to Falcon

  1. colleen deane6 says:

    Lovely story & pics. Friends and I visited Yzerfontein today and a dozy kestrel sat looking at us for long time – next to harbour lookout. Wonder if he’s people friendly due to a good experience. Colleen

  2. Rina Dwyer says:

    What a lovely story How is he doing Great to know there are still people careing enough to take care of this beutifull animal.
    We will be visiting Yzerfontein during March and if lucky we might spot the family flying freely in the blue sky.

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