Jewel on the West Coast

Rescued Falcon

Lucky Escape

A Rock Kestrel/Rooivalk [Falco tinnunculus], fell out of a nest here in Yzerfontein a couple of weeks ago and was rescued from the unwelcome attention of adult pheasants and other more carnivorous creatures.

His first meal out of the nest was some sirloin steak as the shops were out of minceSurprised.  A couple of days later he was put out on the balcony and caught the attention of his parents who were still feeding his siblings in the nest high above the ground but not too far away.  The parents started bringing him food on the porch and then take the leftovers back to the other 2 chicks in the nest.  Meals now of course included mice and lizards.

A couple of days later with his feathers in good condition from all his flying aerobics, he received a visit from his siblings who are now out of the nest.

I’m sure he will soon embark on a vacation with his family!


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